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Why choose an RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programme?

RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programmes are a great opportunity provided by employers to Ex-Military individuals who possess qualifications or skills but lack the required work experience to gain suitable employment in their chosen field. The programmes are for a fixed period of time, usually between 2 to 4 weeks. This can be an excellent opportunity for those seeking to break into a new sector where they can gain both the skills and experience to seek a higher paid role.

Cost Effective Recruiting

An RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programme could be a great way for your company to have time and money in the long run. With a pool of high calibre candidates you will have the chance to recruit new employees from your best RV1 Skill Bridge™ placements, who have known capabilities, thus saving time and money in the long run.

For business owners looking to evolve with the needs of a global marketplace, a military veteran can be just the person your team needs to expand your business.

Corporate Culture

Employers actively building a corporate culture of increased productivity & strong motivation should consider ex-military candidates not only for their hard skills, but also for their soft skills they bring with them to civilian business settings.

Through service training & lifestyle, ex-military personnel will typically have the work ethic that any employer would be thrilled to replicate in all it’s employees.

For employers looking to hire a professionals with a strong work ethics should give an RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programme some serious consideration.

RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programmes

In addition to many transferable skills, Ex-Military Candidates also bring a wealth of experience, moral & physical courage to your business.

Covering a wide range of sectors across the UK at all levels, an RV1 Skill BridgeProgramme could be just the answer to solve your business recruitment needs.

Each programme is bespoke to your organisations requirements and tailored to help take your business forward.

Finest Natural Leaders

With an unrivalled work ethic, team spirit and robustness, having an Ex-Military presence within your organisation can be a true game changer.

Ex-Military leadership qualities are some of the finest you will ever find. Whether it’s pressurised decision making, courage under fire or preparing for the worse case scenario, military leaders pragmatically know how to get the job done whilst constantly looking after the needs of the team. Such an ethos could transform your business operation and sales performance.

Craft Your Future Business Leaders

Have you thought about an RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programme to craft your future business leaders?

An RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programme can capture the huge talent leaving the Forces each year and channel tomorrows leaders into your organisation.

With hard wired values of ‘adapt and overcome’ and an invincible approach to task, consider the impact that Ex Military leaders can make within your operation.

The Elite Candidate

Ex-Military leaders are used to dealing with difficult factors beyond control and remain focused on delivering success and getting the job done.

Their confident approach can be inspiring and become a great example to workers in a non-military position too.

Trained leaders who know how to make a decision. What a great prospect to drive your business forward.

With some of the finest natural leaders leaving the forces each year, a structured management programme could take your organisation to new heights.

RV1 Skill Bridge™ Placements

Ex-Military leaders have incomparable experience & personal qualities from operating in some of the worlds most complex environments.

Covering a wide range of sectors across the UK for all ranks and levels, an RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programme could be just the answer to your business needs.

Each programme is bespoke to your business requirements and tailored to help take your business forward.

RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programmes

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