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Service Leaver Career Transition

Over 15,000 Service Leavers exit the Armed Forces each year and all face the most complex career transition. Our view is a real time placement experience that can generate employment prospects across a range of UK businesses. RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programmes offer unique opportunities and reduces the struggle often found within Armed Forces career transition.


RV1 Skill Bridge™ Corporate Talent Programmes

RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programmes provide an insight into real-life breathing companies, giving you a greater transition into the Corporate world of business. Our Skill Bridge Programmes range from 2 to 4 weeks and generate opportunities in the last few months of service which can be a great way to spend your resettlement downtime. This can give real clarity into future career ambitions.

Furthermore, such an opportunity offers real-time transitional experience to those leaving a career in the Armed Forces. Such programmes far out weigh the benefit of a stand alone course or career workshop. We believe in real time transitional experience directly in the place of work.

Above all, our aim is to generate brighter employment outcomes within civilian re-entry with a new and refined angle to resettlement success.

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Ex-Military Permanent Recruitment
Talent Acquisition

RV1 Group offer full recruitment services for permanent and temp placements across the UK. Drawing on our nationwide network of clients, we provide employment opportunities for Ex-Military candidates of all ranks. We know that your expertise and professional training makes you a highly desirable candidate across a variety of industries.


We help you prepare

In the corporate world, the way you present yourself on paper and during your interview has a major impact on how you are perceived. Though you have years of training and experience, hiring managers might not understand the information on your CV or the terminology you use to describe your service. We work with you personally to translate the skills and experience on your CV into language a hiring manager can understand, as well as coach you through the interview process to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward.

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Our Team understands you

Our Team combines military and corporate experience and understand the complexity of transitioning into a new and often daunting chapter. They pride themselves on providing a personal touch built on their own experience navigating the shift into the corporate world. 


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