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Ex-Direct Employers Job Board

For those looking to self manage their own staffing need, why not upload your vacancy direct via our RV1 Job Board and capture the interest of those highly capable Ex-Military candidates searching for career prospects. Your job listing will be visible to a vast network of Ex-Military Talent who will be able to contact you direct to apply.

Ex-Military Candidates offer professional & technical abilities, along with organisation & planning skills. Working in demanding environments they’re trained to the highest levels using teamwork, communication, man management and leadership, skills that enable them to excel.

As well as these transferable skills, Ex Military Candidates can bring a wealth of experience, moral & physical courage to your business.

RV1 Ex Direct Job Board promotes roles to the Armed Forces community. Our community includes Service Leavers on resettlement and also Veterans that have already left the service and have many years experience in the civilian workforce.

If your company is looking for Ex-Military talent and wants to self manage without paying recruiters fees then contact us today to discuss an Ex Direct package that suits your business requirements.

Ex-Military Job Board

A great opportunity to capture Ex-Military Talent direct without high agent fees. Select the best package for your business demands and contact us to discuss further.


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