Location London Job type RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programme


Insurance Technical Analyst

Location:    London

Position:     Internship / Permanent Position      

Salary:         TBC

Our client is offering an Internship period for the above position which may potentially lead to a permanent job offer from our client for the right applicant. The purpose of this role is to deliver an excellent and cost-effective service to Underwriting Services International Insurance Team Heads and other relevant stakeholders in the following areas:

    • Risk and exposure recording
    • Insurance premium accounting
    • Underwriting Management Information in support of Team meetings and Quarterly Performance Reviews
    • Internal cyclical and ad-hoc reporting

Key Result Areas:

Strategy and Planning / Key Performance Indicators

    • Contributes to the design and implementation of the operational team plans to ensure these include operational considerations for delivery.
    • Determines own work priorities and activities in line with agreed plans to ensure the achievement of personal and team objectives.
    • Benchmarking of delivery to plan objectives
    • Management team feedback
    • Relevancy, accuracy, and timeliness of contribution to operational plans
    • Policy, Process and Procedures
    • Contributes to our clients Insurance segment procedures and controls for the collection, review, consolidation and analysis of contractual risk information.
    • Assists in the delivery and future development of our clients Insurance processes and systems, to ensure an efficient management of insurance records.
    • Ensures compliance with relevant legislation, industry codes and company policies and procedures to protect our clients regulatory position.
    • Ensures that electronic files are maintained in a logical and accessible manner and/or other underwriting issues are clearly documented at all times.
    • Strong alignment and guidance provided to the offshore team to facilitate Underwriter expectation and outcomes are met.
    • Ensures awareness of and compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements.
    • Contributions to system / procedural improvements made.
    • Adherence to all relevant legislation and company policies, procedures, and processes.
    • Documents and policy procedures are reviewed as necessary and includes the half yearly address of Offshore SOPS.
    • Management information provided is accurate and timely.
    • Embrace management information to ensure it is instrumental in the decision-making process
    • Ensure open communication is maintained with stakeholders on all policy and procedure changes, canvasing feedback and addressing any concerns
    • Contribute to the cross training and sharing of ideas with other staff members both onshore and offshore
    • Ensure escalation to Seniors at the earliest opportunity of all known issues

Environmental Awareness/Customer Focus:

    • Builds and maintains strong key stakeholder relationships in order to provide an effective service to the business
    • Continually develops knowledge of market dynamics and market cycles to support business performance.
    • Report and make recommendation of any operational risk to the Head of IUS at the earliest opportunity
    • Recognise and demonstrate awareness that everyone is the first line in addressing risk concerns and exposures
    • Resolve customer queries, demonstrating a subject matter expert role, whilst escalating where needed
    • Legal compliance.
    • Risk avoidance.
    • Delivers solid and positive results.
    • Positive feedback from stakeholders and customers
    • Achieves satisfactory audit results.
    • Open and regular communication.
    • Relevant and accurate provision of information.

Technical Performance: 

    • Assist in the preparation of the insurance sector information for key stakeholders.
    • Including but not restricted to; exception reports, performance reports, regulatory centric focused report
    • Provides relevant information to meet Aspen’s obligations. (e.g. for Team Head, ratings agencies and regulatory authorities).
    • Where necessary assists in the management of our clients counterparty information i.e., ratings and other counterparty details to maintain data security, compliance and facilitate management information.
    • Contribute to the successful running of IUS processes in relation to our clients compliance
    • Reports should be timely, accurate, supported with narrative explaining context /contents of the report and most importantly challenged for purpose.
    • Production of, and assistance with, relevant monthly, quarterly Board and Audit Committee reports.
    • Accurate and timely analysis of the clients debtors – quarterly.
    • Information presented effectively to key stakeholders.
    • Accurate and timely analysis of Aspen’s exposure to counterpart security
    • Timely address of exposure /aggregation to the CRM team
    • Seek advice and give timely advice.
    • Group-wide documentation issued accurately and on time.
    • Play a role in achieving satisfactory audit.

People Expectations / Self-Management:

    • Develops own knowledge of standard procedures and processes.
    • Acts as a point of reference to guide for offshore whilst sharing and developing knowledge and best practice.
    • Supports others in the team where appropriate
    • Liaise with key business groups to establish, support and maintain solid business relationships and organisational effectiveness
    • To provide support for all Underwriting activities at the Lloyd’s Box
    • Provide support for tasks within the team and where appropriate drive / contribute to their personal development
    • Team plans and objectives are met.
    • Positive feedback from colleagues.
    • Asks for feedback and acts upon personal development plans.
    • Core values, behaviours are upheld.
    • Regular contribution to team meetings.
    • Operate as an effective team member by supporting colleagues and contributing in the delivery and achievement of the teams overall vision and objectives
    • If required to co-ordinate broker communications surrounding networking events, planning and organising appropriate marketing information
    • Manage tasks and drive best outcomes

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Good organisational skills.
    • Able to work independently.
    • Proficient in MS Office applications effectively e.g. Excel and other departmental software packages.
    • Able to manage conflicting priorities to achieve deadlines.
    • Able to plan effectively and efficiently.
    • Strong customer orientation skills.
    • Ability to collaborate effectively within a team environment.
    • Strong attention to detail.
    • Strong investigative skills.
    • Ability to analyse data and use for decision-making.
    • Team player

To apply, please email your CV and covering letter to info@rv1group.com today.